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Introducing Inforwaves Managed Cloud

Managed cloud services provide migration, maintenance, and optimization of a client’s cloud platform, as well as partial or full management and control. A company can ensure that its cloud services operate smoothly by using a managed cloud service provider.

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Why Cloud?

Benefits of moving to Cloud

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    Your company will rapidly ramp up or reduce your service and storage requirements, allowing for versatility in the event you change your needs.

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    Business continuity

    Data and processes are essential in business continuity planning to protect the data and system. If you are experiencing a natural disaster, a power outage or another problem, it guarantees safe and stable storage of the data in a cloud.

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    Effectiveness of collaboration

    Working in a cloud environment enables the company to collaborate and share beyond the conventional processes more effectively.

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    Working procedures flexibility

    Cloud computing makes their working processes more agile. You may, for instance, access data from home, on vacation or from work through the road.

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    Automatic updates

    Your service charge can provide access to automated upgrades for your IT specifications. Your device can be constantly upgraded with the new technologies, depending on the cloud computing service provider.

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    Cost Savings

    Cost saving is one of the biggest Cloud Computing benefits. It helps you to save substantial capital cost as it does not need any physical hardware investments.

Our Services

We deliver a range of services that help the organizations operate on Cloud

  • Cloud Migration

    We will help the company migrate your current apps with zero trouble to the cloud. With minimum operation downtime, our specialist team would do the best job for you.

  • CI/CD Automation

    We can help your developer team to automate the deployment process from code level to cloud with ease of access. Through doing this, you can increase your job efficiency significantly

  • Seamless Upgrades

    We still have to help you in some kind of situation whether your enterprise looks for software or hardware level enhancements. We still ensure that downtimes are reduced to keep the users free of distractions.

  • Cloud Maintanance

    By keeping your cloud architecture inexpensive and flexible payment schemes, we can support your enterprise. Our staff will counsel you on efficient ways to optimize your software in order to save money.