Success Stories

Stickee Strikes Gold at NBQSA

Inforwaves Winning the Gold Award at NBQSA 2022

In the dynamic world of media and entertainment, technology continually drives innovation, and Stickee, a groundbreaking mobile application by Inforwaves, is at the forefront of revolutionizing talent showcase and monetization for digital artists. Recognized with a prestigious Gold Award at the NBQSA Awards 2022, organized by the esteemed BCS Sri Lanka, Stickee’s unconventional approach to talent showcase captured the spotlight and celebrates excellence in the Sri Lankan Information and Communication Technology industry.

NBQSA – Recognizing Excellence in ICT
The National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA), organized by the British Computer Society (BCS) Sri Lanka Section, is a highly respected program that acknowledges and promotes exceptional achievements in the Sri Lankan ICT industry. Through a rigorous judging process, NBQSA honours innovative ICT products and solutions across various sectors, reflecting a commitment to excellence and innovation. The annual awards ceremony unites students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and government representatives, fostering collaboration and celebrating the advancements in Sri Lanka’s thriving ICT landscape.

Stickee – Empowering Sri Lankan Digital Artists
Stickee, launched in 2018, has provided Sri Lankan digital artists with a powerful platform to showcase their talent and gain monetary benefits. Serving as the only commercial WhatsApp sticker marketplace in Sri Lanka, Stickee has capitalized on the popularity of WhatsApp stickers as a means of conveying emotions, reactions, and messages engagingly and creatively. The application’s success is evident, as the majority of WhatsApp users have embraced stickers, making them an integral part of the platform.

Stickee’s Impact
Stickee operates as a vibrant marketplace dedicated to WhatsApp stickers, offering a wide range of captivating sticker packs for English, Sinhala, and Tamil audiences. Artists can distribute their artwork through the platform, providing users with access to both free and premium content. The freemium model allows artists to market their work using free stickers while also monetizing their premium content, creating a win-win situation for both artists and users.

User Satisfaction and Growth
Over two years, Stickee has successfully reached an audience of over 50,000 users on the Google Play store, with a consistent growth in its user base. Testament to its quality and appeal, over 15,000 users have subscribed to paid services, proving Stickee’s profitability for contributing artists. A stellar rating of 4.7 out of 5 has been maintained, with users praising the diverse sticker options and the platform’s support for local artists.

A Vision for the Future
Stickee’s visionary team plans to enhance its market presence by developing an iOS version of the app, exploring new markets, and offering additional payment options to attract an international audience. With an ever-growing collection of sticker variants and the ongoing contributions of talented artists, Stickee aims to provide an even better user experience and cater to a global audience.

As the brainchild of Mr Deilon Waijayantha and developed and maintained by Inforwaves, Stickee has not only empowered Sri Lankan digital artists but also set a new standard in the WhatsApp sticker marketplace. With a strong focus on user experience, constant improvements, and a dedication to fostering creativity, Stickee continues to leave a significant impact on the world of media and entertainment.